Golden Globe® winner Gérard Depardieu stars as a Jesuit priest, Dr. Joachim Ferrer. Harboring a secret from his violent past and having found solace in the church, he soon finds himself caught in a web of intrigue when a young Carmelite nun, Sarah, is rushed to his hospital. Suffering from inexplicable pain and delusions, Joachim recognizes in Sarah the familiar symptoms of repression and denial. What no one knows is the terrifying secret she carries inside her a secret her twin sister Gaelle, three-thousand miles away, also shares. Caring turns to obsession and the doctor begins a private investigation, which takes him halfway across the world and leads him to Gaelle. Caught between his obsession to uncover the truth and his growing attraction for Gaelle, Joachim rejects his commitment to faith and follows his instincts to a terrifying and unimaginable conclusion.

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