In this heartwarming romantic comedy, a beautiful and successful lawyer finds that life doesn't always go according to plan - and falling in love can happen when you least expect it. For twenty years, Amy (Kimberly Williams-Paisley, Father of the Bride) has diligently followed the timeline that her mother drew for her before she passed away. Already crossed off the list are summer camp, law school, and five of the boyfriends she's supposed to date before she meets Lucky 7, aka 'the one. When she falls for Daniel (Brad Rowe, TV's 'the 70s ), Amy panics and decides she must find another Number 6 so Daniel can be Number 7. Enter the bagel man, Peter (Patrick Dempsey, Sweet Home Alabama). Peter has asked Amy to be his date for an out-of-town wedding, so she accepts and seizes the opportunity to manipulate her mother's timeline. But a fun-filled weekend with the charming, free-spirited Peter soon has Amy realizing that it may be time to stop following her mother's timeline and start following her heart.

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