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Patrick Stewart (Conspiracy Theory, TV'S Star Trek: The Next Generation) stars as Ralph Bentley, a security expert turned bad with revenge on his mind. Armed with high-tech fire-power and a gang of commandos to back him up, Bentley takes over a prestigious private school, holding students hostage for millions of dollars. There's just one little problem, and his name is Ozzie. Get ready for extreme action because this schoolhouse rocks! Vincent Kartheiser (Little Big League, Alaska) is Ozzie, a teen hacker whose radical pranks always land him in trouble. When a brainy terrorist takes over the school, the rebel's skills for mayhem are put to the ultimate test. With a little help from tough-as-nails Principal Maloney (Oscar(r) - winner Brenda Fricker), Ozzie morphs from hacker into hero and proves that a criminal mastermind is a wonderful thing to waste!

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