Kresten (Anders Berthelsen) is enjoying life as a successful businessman and a newlywed (he's just married the boss' daughter). But when he receives a phone call informing him of his father's untimely passing, his comfortable new life is thrown into turmoil. He's kept his poor, small-town past a secret from his new wife and her family and must sneak away to settle family business before his coveris blown. Life on his family's farm proves anything but simple. Caring for his simple-minded, UFO-obsessed brother and falling in love with the new housekeeper (Iben Hjejle from High Fidelity), a call-girl on the run, forces him to re-examine his new life. From the producer of the internationally-acclaimed film The Celebration, MIFUNE is an outrageous romantic comedy, hailed as "fresh and twistedfun!" -David Ansen, Newsweek

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