From acclaimed director Stanley Kramer (Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, Judgment at Nuremberg) comes a comic drama about the Oklahoma oil boom and those who tried to survive under the harsh conditions of the time. Lena Doyle (Academy Award® winner Faye Dunaway, 1976, Best Actress, Network) is a tough feminist who believes she can run an oil derrick on her own. But when a conniving employee for a big oil company (Academy Award® winner Jack Palance, 1991, Best Supporting Actor, City Slickers) wants to buy the derrick from her, Lena makes an unlikely alliance with her estranged father (Academy Award® winner John Mills, 1970, Best Supporting Actor, Ryan’s Daughter) and a hired hand (Academy Award® winner George C. Scott, 1970, Best Actor, Patton). Can the three of them take on the big oil company and strike gold? Newly remastered.

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