Superstar Steven Seagal (Exit Wounds, Under Siege) is up against ruthless international drug smugglers and out for vengeance in this action-packed thriller. Renowned archeologist Robert Burns (Seagal) has unearthed precious artifacts in the ancient ruins of eastern China, with plans to ship them off for restoration. But the Chinese Mafia, the Tong, have plans of their own. When Burns accidentallydiscovers the Tong are using the artifacts as containers for smuggling drugs overseas, he becomes marked for death. Framed for the murder of his assistant, Burns is thrown in a Chinese prison, but isreleased and used in an American/Chinese government plot as bait to attract the Tong. The trap is set and Burns takes on the Tong one man at a time in a blistering martial arts assault, leading up toa final confrontation with the Emperor of the Tong, who must face the wrath of a man out for a kill.

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