Club Elysium may seem like paradise but, just offshore, a new breed of terror has been unleashed and no one is safe from its savage, insatiable hunger. In the tradition of Anaconda comes a razor-sharp tale of mutant monsters from the deep, directed by James Cameron. While investigating the mysterious death of a diver, scuba instructor Anne Kimbrough (Tricia O'Neal), makes a horrific discovery: Piranha-like fish, with wings that enable them to fly, are responsible. As the body count rises, Anne desperately tries to convince the resort's manager to call off the annual fish fry on the beach -- but he's determined to give his guests the ultimate "feeding frenzy." Packed with suspense, amazing special effects, and featuring a heroic performance by Lance Henriksen, Piranha II: The Spawning willdrench you in waves of cold, biting fear.

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