It’s the eve of World War II and sisters Laura and Kate Barlow (Natalie Portman, Black Swan; Lily-Rose Depp, Yoga Hosers) are touring Europe with their supernatural act, channeling lost spirits and departed loved ones. One such session brings them face-to-face with André Korben (Emmanuel Salinger, La Sentinelle), a renowned French business tycoon and cinema producer. He offers the sisters a contract: His team will perform ambitious experiments on the metaphysical duo and capture the outcome on camera, thus creating the first truly authentic ghost-film. He casts Laura as the lead in the film alongside matinee idol Fernand Prouvé (Louis Garrel, Ismael’s Ghosts). Korben works with his partners André Servier and Eva Saïd (Amira Casar, Versailles) to make Laura and Kate famous. However, as the experiments grow more disturbing, Laura discovers a sinister plot that soon spirals into a game of hidden agendas that tests human limits and social values.

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