A haunting drama of survival, RAVAGERS is a tale of adventure that shows the shocking conditions of human existence on a decimated planet that is terrorized by bands of roving marauders. A good, sensitive man who has carefully etched out a basic existence for himself and his woman (Alana Hamilton), Falk's (Richard Harris) life is suddenly destroyed one day by Ravagers -- roaming bands of amoral scavengers who take sadistic pleasure in rape, murder, and mayhem. Breaking into his shelter and mercilessly murdering his woman, they provoke this otherwise peaceful man to plot a passionate revenge. When Falk murders one of the group's members, he sets off the vicious gang's unrelenting search for him as he flees into the wilderness. By the time they next meet, Falk has picked up two travelling companions, Faina (Ann Turkel) and a half-crazed army master sergeant (Art Carney) who believes that Falk is his long-lost major and has found a Nirvana-like refuge aboard a large Navy vessel where a small community, led by Rann (Ernest Borgnine), lives off a vast stash of food and supplies. Although the ship is anchored offshore, that doesn't stop the merciless band of marauders from carrying out a savage attack under the cover of night while the ship's residents are partying. And when Falk and his fellow survivors escape as the ship explodes into flames, they begin their journey in search of a renewed, fertile world.

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