A poor-but-proud man, Jonas Trapp (Chuck Connors, Soylent Green) insists his rich, new bride Jessie (Kathryn Hays, TV’s “As the World Turns”) leave her pampered life in Cold Iron and join him in Kansas, where he'll work as a buffalo hunter. Rebuffed, Jonas goes alone. And now, eleven years later, he’s back to reclaim his wife with the $17,000 he’s earned. When Jonas is savagely attacked on the outskirts of town, he stops at nothing to avenge himself upon the men who beat, branded and robbed him: sadistic dandy Johnsy Boy Hood (Bill Bixby, TV’s “The Incredible Hulk”), babbling drunk Elwood Coates (Claude Akins, Rio Bravo) and crooked banker Brooks Durham (Michael Rennie, The Day the Earth Stood Still, 1951), who is courting Jessie, now an embittered woman who believes Jonas is dead. Newly remastered.

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