NBA superstar Dennis Rodman is packing heat and looking cool as he takes on the bad guys in this sexy, action-packed adventure, set against the backdrop of the beautiful French Riviera. Interpol agent Simon (Rodman) is working a case against a vicious arms dealer when he runs into Nick (Dane Cook),a CIA flunky attempting to deliver a ransom and bring home his client's daughter. It isn't long before Simon joins Nick in a deadly game of espionage and murder involving the arms dealer, the high-powered fathers of the kidnapped girl and her French boyfriend, and Simon's ex-girlfriend, whose body could be considered a lethal weapon. Filled with awe-inspiring adrenaline-pumping action sequences that pulsate to a hip techno score, SIMON SEZ features Dennis Rodman the way you've never seen him before. He may be playing the good guy, but he's as bad as he's ever been!

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