Two of the most powerful actors of their era. Humphrey Bogart and Lee J. Cobb, went head to head in SIROCCO, an action packed thriller set in war-torn Syria. Bogart stars as gun-smuggler Harry Smith whose daring exploits earn him a ruthless reputation. But when Smith needs safe passage from Damascus, he's forced to turn to his chief rival in love and war, French Colonel Feroud (Cobb). Feroud blackmails Smith for vital military information, but then puts his own life in Smith's hands when he is taken hostage by the Syrian underground. Former Broadway stars, Bogart and Cobb brought out the best in each other on film, adding rare excitement to this action-packed adventure. Cobb especially benefitted from Sirocco's popularity; he went on to star in a string of impressive hits, including ON THE WATERFRONT, TWELVE ANGRY MEN and COOGAN'S BLUFF. An explosive thriller propelled by two powerhouse performers, SIROCCO is classic action-adventure!

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