From wet T-shirt contests and drinking games in the local bars, to belly flop and swimsuit contests poolside, and bikini-clad beach-goers, this ‘80s time-capsule is like a travelogue for Fort Lauderdale: the place for college students to cut loose and have fun. Adam Stern (Perry Lang) and Nelson Dalby, Jr. (David Knell) are naive college students who have come to Fort Lauderdale to perform these rites of Spring Break. Due to a mix-up at their motel, the boys end up in the same room with Stu (Paul Land) and O. T. (Steve Bassett), a pair of experienced guys from New York. Stu and O. T. coach the boys on the finer points of seduction—with mixed results—and all the guys band together to help the nice owner of their sleazy hotel; all the while, Nelson tries to outwit his stepfather, a politician who sends his campaign workers to track the boy down to rein him in and ruin Spring Break! Newly remastered.

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