Dean Martin is lady-crazed secret agent Matt Helm in THE AMBUSHERS, a sexy spy spoof where the girls are as loaded as the guns and there's plenty of excitement on tap! Torn from his dream bachelor pad and his shapely private secretary, Lovely Kravezit, Matt Helm (Dean Martin) is recruited by his former chief, Macdonald (James Gregory), to locate a hijacked American spacecraft. Armed with an arsenal of weapons, Matt heads to a gorgeous Acapulco resort to track down hijack suspects Jose Ortega (Albert Salmi) and Quintana, owners of a huge beer-brewing company. Matt has his hands full when he comes up against double-agent Francesca Madeiros (Senta Berger) who's as curvaceous as she is criminal, equally stunning Sheila Sommers (Janice Rule), pilot of the spacecraft, a bevy of beautiful Slaygirls, and the evil "beer boys" who will stop at nothing less than world domination! If you're looking for laughs and plenty of action, look for Matt Helm, the ace from ICE, who kisses what he likes... and kills what he doesn't!

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