Jiang Liwei (Huang Xiaoming) is the youngest Special Brigade Squadron leader in the history of the province’s fire brigades. While responding to a fire, a cocky Jiang ignores mission protocols which leads to a gas explosion that kills a young firefighter. He is stripped of his ranks and demoted to Dongshan Squadron, a small and unremarkable squadron in the suburbs, while Ma Weiguo (Du Jiang), his second in command, takes the helm at the Special Brigade Squadron. One day, Jiang Liwei receives an emergency call from the city’s fire department. There has been an explosion at the Bingang Oil Depot in the city’s port area. All fire brigades in the city and across the province have been mobilized to contain the ensuing fire. Jiang Liwei must put aside his grievances and team up with his former subordinate, Ma Weiguo, in order to save the city.

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