Three years after the government passes Proposition 117 - a bill that sanctions suicides in private medical practices - a financially struggling twenty-something, Malison McCourt (Liv Collins), takes a job working for a leading private euthanasia clinic named Life Source Closures. McCourt is assigned to shadow Olivia Bletcher (Sarah Power); one of the clinic's leading death administrators. McCourt and Bletcher are dispatched to a remote estate to meet with a terminally ill new client, Milos Somborac (Tony Burgess). During the ritual, McCourt and Bletcher read from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, but during the process they unwittingly summon the wrath of a Death Cult that once inhabited the old property. This dark twisted tale takes a turn up for the books, when suddenly new client Somborac isn't the only one on death's doorstep.

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