Jeff Travis (Randolph Scott) had been a spy for the notorious Quantrill's Raiders who torched and looted mercilessly for the "Confederate cause" during the Civil War. With the Union victory, he fears he's a wanted man and heads out West, closely followed by his long-time flame Josie Sullivan (Claire Trevor). He decides to settle in Prescott, Arizona, where he takes a job driving for the Conroy Stage Company. Soon enough, he learns that the legitimate government has fled the former state Capital and the town is now in the hands of outlaw gangs. The most powerful of these mobs is headed by a ruthless Confederate loyalist who had also ridden with Quintrill. He knew Travis from before and now full expects his help in stealing gold shipments from the stage line. With his past fast catching up to him, Travis must make a stand for his future - a future for which he's prepared to fight!

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