Despite the brief affair that ensues when he and classmate Yuki Kanaguye team up to hitch a ride home for their break, seventeen-year-old Andy Morrison's thoughts are still with "the girl next door," Rosalind Berk. After Andy arrives at home, the beautiful yet dumb Rosalind asks him to arrange an abortion for a "friend." Although knowing that she's really asking for herself makes him sick with jealousy, Andy nevertheless does as she asks. But with his own resources exhausted, he must turn to Yuki for help. Instead of being grateful for Andy's arranging the operation, Rosalind is angry, naively thinking that he could get a pill to do the job. After scraping together $400 to pay for the procedure, Andy goes with a reluctant and unpleasant Rosalind to see the doctor who, upon listening to her complain about being inconvenienced, sympathetically returns part of Andy's money. So, even though Rosalind suddenly decides to favor Andy with her largesse, he sends her packing and returns to Yuki.

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