Academy Award® winner Humphrey Bogart (1951 Best Actor, The African Queen) stars as a World War II Air Corps hero whose decision to confront his past hurls him into a corrupt world in the dramatic TOKYO JOE. Bogart is pilot Joe Barret, who returns to Tokyo years after leaving the country believing his wife, Trina died in a Japanese concentration camp. But when Bogart learns that she is alive, remarried, and the mother of his seven-year-old daughter Anya, he's determined to win her back and resume their life together. His efforts are thwarted when former Japanese Secret Service head Baron Kimura (Sessue Hayakawa) threatens to expose and endanger Trina for making wartime propaganda broadcasts. Kimura forces Bogart to set up a bogus air freight service to transport three Japanese war criminals, and kidnaps Anya to seal his plans. To save his daughter, Bogart single-handedly challenges Kimura in a highly-charged judo match with fatal consequences.

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