TWENTY BUCKS is the story of a $20 bill, from its birth at an ATM to its final shredding at the bank, and the lives it touches along the way. Among those passing the buck are a prophetic bag lady (Linda Hung, The Year of Living Dangerously), an about-to-marry-rich working stiff (Brendan Fraser, The Mummy), a New Age witch (Gladys Knight), a struggling writer (Elisabeth Shue, Leaving Las Vegas), a distracted cop (William H. Macy, The Cooler), a well-mannered stick-up artist (Christopher Lloyd, The Addams Family) and a hot-headed conman (Steve Buscemi, Big Fish). And while they may be strangers to each other, they do have one thing in common. When they passed the buck, they never expected change. Brought to you by the producers of This is Spinal Tap, Twenty Bucks is a "movie loaded with heart, soul and wit.***1/2." (Jeff Craig, Sixty second Preview)

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