Having recognized one of the four men he watched kill his father, twelve-year-old Tolly Devlin swears he'll get revenge, much to the distress of his family friend and fellow witness, Sandy (Beatrice Kay). While in jail as an adult, Tolly (Cliff Robertson) spots the killer, Vic Farrar, and forces him to name his three accomplices - Gela, a drug boss, labor racketeer Gunther, and Smith, the head of a prostitution ring -- all leaders in a crime syndicate run by a man called Connors. After saving Cuddles (Dolores Dorn), a young prostitute who knows too much and has been marked for death by the syndicate, Tolly persuades her to talk to the Federal Crime Commission, under the command of Agent Driscoll, while he works to place himself deep inside the Connors' organization. On the basis of Cuddles' testimony, Smith is arrested, shaking up Connors, Gela and Gunther. When Tolly is ordered to raid the commission's files, he and Driscoll conspire to give Connors phony information that implicates Gunther and Gela and leads to them both being killed. While Driscoll wants Tolly to help capture Connors, now that he's avenged his father's death, his loyalties again rest with the mob and not the law. However, when a hitman reveals that he's been hired to kill Cuddles, Tolly turns him over to the police. Going to Connors' penthouse, Tolly kills the mob boss, but not before being mortally wounded himself. And with Tolly dead, Cuddles' world collapses, but only until she realizes that she can still help complete the quest that cost him his life.

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