A quirky comedy about love, sex and pyromania, WILDER NAPALM stars Academy Award®- nominee Debra Winger (Best Actress in a Leading Role, Shadowlands, 1993, Terms of Endearment, 1983 and An Officer and a Gentleman,1982) as an arsonist who is loved by two brothers (Dennis Quaid, The Rookie, and Arliss Howard, Full Metal Jacket) who have flame-throwing talents of their own. With telekinetic powers that enable him to start fires using only his mind, Wilder Foudroyant (Howard) seems a natural match for the flamboyant Vida (Winger). But his younger brother, Wallace (Quaid), shares the same telekinetic power – and the same passion for Vida. In a bid to win fame, fortune and Vida’s hand, Wallace decides to go public with his firestarter stunt as “Dr. Napalm.” But before he can appear on TV, he’ll have to defeat Wilder in a scorchingly funny duel to the death... or thereabouts. A high-octane comedy from the creator of TV's “Moonlighting”, WILDER NAPALM is “wickedly offbeat and directly on target.” (Toronto Globe & Mail). Newly remastered.

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