As a favor to Jessica Tate, family butler Benson DuBois (Robert Guillaume) agrees to help her cousin, the newly elected Governor Eugene Gatling (James Noble), settle into his new mansion. Upon his arrival, Benson is set upon by the belligerent head housekeeper, Gretchen Kraus (Inga Swenson). But the governor's secretary, the amicable Marcy Hill (Caroline McWilliams), asks him to make himself at home and start organizing the overwhelming chaos. Always independent and the only truly sane adult in the Tate house¬hold., he must now cope with wild and wonderful life in the executive mansion and take responsibility for the Governor's ten-year-old daughter, Katie. And whether he's dealing with the weighty affairs of state or the wacky state of affairs in the governor's household, Benson always remains a loyal and trusted ally to those around him.

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