At New York City's WNYX, newly hired manager Dave Nelson has his work cut out for him. Excited about such a high-profile assignment, Dave first sets out to fire his predecessor, which station owner Jimmy James has failed to do. But once that's done, there are more challenges ahead, thanks to a staff that includes headstrong on-air personalities Bill McNeal and Catherine Duke, high-strung writer Matthew Brock, offbeat secretary Beth, imaginative and tech-savvy electrician Joe Garrelli, and Lisa Miller, a veteran producer who thinks she should be running the show. Whether fighting to ban smoking from the newsroom, struggling to allocate staff bonuses during a budget crunch, or dealing with sexual affairs in the workplace, the enthusiastic yet naïve Dave looks to hang on to his old Midwestern values as he learns to cope with the new challenges of big-city life.

Executive Producers

Paul Simms,  Bernie Brillstein,  Brad Grey


Dave Foley,  Stephen Root,  Phil Hartman,  Maura Tierney,  Andy Dick,  Vicki Lewis,  Khandi Alexander,  Joe Rogan

Sony Pictures Television

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