The Throwaways
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The Throwaways
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About The Throwaways

THE THROWAWAYS, a comedic cyber spy thriller follows notorious hacker Drew Reynolds (Sam Huntington, Superman Returns), who is captured by the CIA and given a proposition — work for them or spend the rest of his life in prison. Agreeing on the condition that he can form his own team, he puts together a group of "throwaways" - the people deemed expendable and seemingly the worst in the organization. Led by Lieutenant Colonel Christopher Holden (Academy Award nominee James Caan, The Godfather) and including gung-ho combat specialist Dan Fisher (Kevin Dillon; TV’s Entourage), THE THROWAWAYS have to track and take down a cyber-terrorist who is threatening mass destruction.

Executive Producer

Jeremy Renner, Don Handfield


James Caan, Peter Brooke, Noel Clarke


Tony Bui