"Accused" is a collection of 15 tense, topical crime stories, all reaching from the moral gray to challenge many of our most ardently held, polarizing views.  Each episode of "Accused" is a fast-paced provocative thriller, exploring a different crime, in a different city with an entirely original cast.
Every story opens in a courtroom on the defendant, with viewers knowing nothing about their crime or how circumstances led to prosecution. Told entirely from the defendant’s point of view, gritty performances, timely contemporary themes, and stark, uncompromising cinematography combine, holding an unapologetic mirror to the complexities of our time with evocative and emotional stories that will make audiences think, talk, and perhaps act.
With unexpected twists and complicated truths being revealed at every turn, week after week "Accused" introduces characters from all walks of life – a friend, colleague, neighbor, family member, even ourselves – and asks the eternal question: “What would you do?”  For in life, we can easily find ourselves one word, one misstep, action, or inaction away from being the accused.


Michael Chiklis,  Margo Martindale,  Abigail Breslin,  Malcolm-Jamal Warner,  Whitney Cummings,  Molly Parker,  Rachel Bilson

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